Monday, September 8, 2008

Fixing Carbon

On September 19th, at 9:00 pm, the last episode of Project Earth, Fixing Carbon, will debut.

In Fixing Carbon the Project Earth will test machines and filtering devices which will be able to extract carbon dioxide directly from the atmosphere. It will then be able to store the excess carbon dioxide underground where it will not effect the atmosphere any more.

This carbon fixing technology is considered to be the holy grail of climatologists.


David Larson said...

It was never mentioned the energy required to deal with the caustic soda. Clearly there is a carbon footprint associated with its manufactor, distribution, collection and disposal.

Anonymous said...

capturing carbon with NaSO4?

sameer said...

capturing co2 and storing it is good but by sending it in the ocean beds and underground areas, we would loose tremendous amount of carbon fuel and oxygen. a better idea would be to somehow convert the stored co2 into its constituent elements or any other organic fuels by means of solar energy, sodium oxide, photosynthesis or which ever means possible.

Mike Du said...

Hello Prof Kevin,

I'm watching Discovery Earth again from the Philippines, and I'm wondering; is there a Discovery Earth 2? Do you believe industry is slowly implementing your Discoveries here? I'm very intrigued by your aerial windmills, Cool Earth Solar and Aerial seeding of mangroves. Is any of this nearing commercial production? Just curious.

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